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    ZAIBANG lubrication materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Is a solid lubrication products research and development, operation and sales of one-stop service of high-tech enterprises. Professional focus of solid lubrication materials research and development and marketing. The main products are: two, MoS2 coating tungsten sulfide coating, Teflon coating, boron nitride coating. After years of efforts in the state, the product sales throughout the domestic market, product exports have begun to take shape. In the industry has a good reputation in customers to become an independent school. We will as in the past to follow the "no resentment in the state, no resentment at home" sage old saying, no regrets, do people do this part. Concentrate on solid lubrication products, welcome new and old customers at home and abroad visit the guide, discuss cooperation and common development!

    In the past, our thoughts fly, based on today, we are filled with a thousand regrets; confidence, confidence; in the future, we sing, laugh all the way. Yesterday, will always belong to the past, the past no matter success or failure, after all we have experienced; yesterday, such as a fall of a meteor across the sky, no time to say hello; yesterday, like a blossoming of dandelion flying all over the sky, the state had shown its swagger. Yesterday, we have a clear conscience, even though much of the bitterness into yesterday's share, though too much sadness fills our hearts, even though much of our helplessness in the face, although too much sway in yesterday's process. There will be success and failures, there are fresh tears of course sweet smile, it will constitute a loss of love songs yesterday, sad yesterday will have a romantic glow. In the past, our heart is magnanimous, looking back at the past, we indulge in flowers and applause yesterday when surrounded by; in the past, we did not stop at yesterday to build beautiful dreams; in the past, we did not feel dejected unwittingly, sink in yesterday's gain and loss, right and wrong; in the past, know the truth self, to see the future direction, select the range, as a brand-new day painstakingly build. And make me grow. Do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow. Lucky you know another world. Based on today, our eyes, gone through the years to come yesterday, ignited new hope, new dreams of flying, the shuttle in the days of the tunnel. Today, another starting point, another round of Chaoyang, please open the window of your heart, embrace the sun embrace today!! in the past, my thoughts fly, based on today, I was filled with a thousand regrets; confidence, confidence; this year came, I feel really complicated, feeling much... Lost in... People can't see the future. We know that there will be a long wait for us, and that struggle will be my final destination. For the future, the heart suddenly appeared a beautiful blueprint. Is the most beautiful rose, eyes no thorns, everything is so gentle and beautiful. I think I will strive toward our direction. Come on.

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