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    ZBY-801 MoS2 lubricating coating_Zaibang lubrication material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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    ZBY-801 MoS2 lubricating coating

    2017-07-29 0:55:41
    • Brand MoS2 coating
    • Model ZBY-801 1kg5k20kg

    one. characteristics of film
    1. basic properties: lubrication, wear resistance, extreme pressure resistance, corrosion resistance;
    2., good adhesion: metal, cement and other substrates can reach 1;
    3., and then painted good: coated film can be properly treated and then painted;
    4.. Curing condition: it can be cured at room temperature and can be cured by heating;
    5.. Theory temperature resistance: 400 DEG c;
    6., repair function: the substrate surface of the pit pit has a very good repair function;
    Two. Product use
    Apply to iron, cast iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, stainless iron and other substrate surface.
    Three. Usage
    1., ensure that the workpiece surface clean, dry, no oil, no dust;
    2. if the metal surface is used, it is strongly recommended that the surface be sand treated;
    3. paint mixing evenly, spray, brush or dip coating workpiece;
    4. drying at normal temperature, 72hr curing or heating, curing at 160 degrees 30min;
    5. don't coat it too thick at a time. When the thickness requirements, you can wait to dry again, and then sprayed second times, later than this;
    6. the bare coating does not have the attributes described. The surface coating of the workpiece needs to be cooled or worked hard before use;
    7., the use of the process should pay attention to safety, avoid contact with the eyes and skin;
    8. the viscosity of the coating deployment according to technological requirements, and use our special thinner.
    Four. Packing and storage, shelf life
    1. packing: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg;
    2., stored in a cool ventilated place, shall not touch the acid, alkali, salt, avoid high temperature, prevent sun and rain, transported by dangerous goods;
    3. validity: 90 days (25 degrees Celsius).

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