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    ZBY-803B rain scraper, MoS2 lubricating coating_Zaibang lubrication material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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    ZBY-803B rain scraper, MoS2 lubricating coating

    2017-07-28 22:49:26
    • Brand MoS2 coating
    • Model ZBY-801   1kg5k20kg

    1. Product profiles:
    The scraper molybdenum disulfide lubricating coating is made of high performance adhesive, lubricant and wear resistant agent. Lubrication coating with high lubricity, wear resistance, continuous lubrication, operation, adhesion is strong, lubrication film toughness is not easy to fall off, long life, good effect.
    2.Scraper, molybdenum disulfide lubricating coating advantages:
    2.1. Reduces the friction coefficient, reduces the wear and tear, enhances the friction surface coordination degree and so on.
    2.2. Overcome or reduce the wiper lubrication problems, improve wiper work efficiency and service life.
    2.3. Can eliminate or reduce the maintenance and maintenance problems caused by friction, friction and so on.
    2.4.And glass surface up to 100% lubrication.
    3. Usage:
    3.1. Clean the oil on the wiper's surface, and then spray it on the wiper surface by spraying.
    3.2. Production, refer to the specific production process.
    4. Matters needing attention:
    4.1.Please do not make this product contact with eyes, if accidentally splashed into the eyes, you can lift eyelids, rinse with flowing water or physiological saline;
    4.2.Don't swallow this product. If swallowed, don't throw up, keep a rest, and take care of the doctor in time.

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