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    Congratulations on the establishment and operation of theZAIBANG lubrication company!

    2017-08-20 12:13:18
    After nearly six months of preparation work, ZAIBANG lubricants materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially started operations, please old and new customers to guide work! Discussion on cooperation!
    Company profile: ZAIBANG lubricants materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is a solid lubricant products research, development, operation and sales of one-stop professional services company. Professional focus on solid lubricants research and development and marketing. The main products are: two, MoS2 coating tungsten sulfide coating, Teflon coating, boron nitride coating. After years of efforts in the state, the product sales throughout the domestic market, product exports have begun to take shape. Unique in the industry, the customer has a good reputation. We will as in the past to follow the "no resentment in the state, no resentment at home" sage old saying, no regrets, do people do this part. Concentrate on solid lubrication products, welcome new and old customers at home and abroad visit the guide, discuss cooperation and common development!

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