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    Academician Xue Qunji introduction

    2017-08-20 14:51:13
    Tribology is the science of studying contact with each other and relative motion surface, usually expressed as friction, wear and lubrication. 40 years of research, the special lubricating materials and friction chemical academician Xue Qunji has been engaged in is the tribology branch, it affects our lives, including product quality, human health, environmental protection, energy saving, material saving and other fields.
    As one of China's areas of materials chemistry and special lubricating materials mainly academic leaders, academician Xue Qunji created and led by Key Laboratory of solid lubrication, polymer tribology, friction and lubrication of ceramics, nano materials and additives, chemical and Tribological friction model of lubricating material design and preparation, has a higher academic level, to promote space lubrication materials, ultra-low temperature gear lubricating materials, marine environment with special lubricating and antifouling coating, as well as energy-saving lubricating additives and lubricating materials containing rare earth elements such as in aerospace and other high-tech fields, development of national key project provides more than 20 kinds of key lubricating materials and lubrication technology, mainly including the space lubricating materials, super low temperature lubricating materials, the marine environment for lubrication and antifouling coating and energy-saving lubricating additives and containing rare earth Lubricating materials, etc., make China's research and application in this field among the international advanced ranks.
    Academician Xue Qunji's colleagues, friends and students through the "Five - Qunji" Seventy anniversary of academician Xue he expressed on the Tribological China sincere blessing: "Dean Lushi and Zoran Zou, Feng Lin words. Wise Lizhu exploration, perseverance to time. Zhaijin qunjie and serve the country, "dan. Seven rank body is still healthy, the heavenly palace revolves the dream to think."
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