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    Academician Liu Weimin introduction

    2017-08-20 14:56:47
    Liu Weimin, male, Ph. D., researcher, Ph. D. supervisor. In 2013, he was elected academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was selected as academician of APAM-Asian Pacific Academy of Materials in 2015. He was selected as academician of Academy of Sciences for developing countries (TWAS) in 2016. 1984 graduated from the Chemistry Department of Shandong Normal University, 1990 Ph.D. degree from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics China academy, after working in the Research Laboratory of solid lubrication Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics Academy of Sciences (Chinese open in 2000 to become the National Key Laboratory), engaged in the work of research on lubricating materials and friction chemical etc.. He worked as a senior visiting scholar at the Penn State University in the United States for a one year cooperative study from 1993 to 1994. Since 2000, he served as director of State Key Laboratory of solid lubrication; from 2002 to 2005 served as deputy director of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and deputy director of the work; from 2005 to 2012 as director of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics. From 2011 to 2015, he served as chairman of tribology branch of China Mechanical Engineering society. Director, China currently serves as China Chemical Mechanical Engineering Institute, China Institute, Chinese micro nano Space Science Institute; Tribology International co editor (one of the 3 Editor), "deputy editor in chief of tribology", Advanced Materials & Interfaces magazine editorial board; Honorary Professor of Hubei University, Shandong Normal University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shandong University, University of Southampton in the UK visit professor.
    Cooperate with team members in the relevant field of study won the two prize of National Natural Science 2 (the first and fifth winners), two National Technology Invention Prize 2 (the first and fifth winners); access to Provincial Natural Science and technology invention and science and technology progress award 9 (4 for the first winners). Authorization (including cooperation) Chinese more than 80 invention patents, 1 patents in the United States; more than 600 papers published in international journals, cited more than 2.1 times (Glgoo); edited and published "gear lubricating materials" "space lubrication materials and Technology Handbook" "technology" 3 nano lubricating materials Chinese monographs, participation write 4 English Monographs (5 chapters).
    In 1998, funded by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; presided over the completion of the "Shenzhou seven spacecraft solid lubricating material space environment experiment project, the National Natural Science Foundation Project" innovation research group of space lubricating materials and technology research "and the Ministry of science and technology lubricating material field two 973 project. 2004 was the eighth Chinese Youth Science and technology award, in 2008 won the national labor medal, in 2010 won the title of national outstanding scientific and technological workers, 2016 HLHL scientific and technological progress award.
    At present, mainly engaged in aerospace, aviation lubrication, material wear and synthetic lubrication material research.
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