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    Solid lubrication can save 15% of the car's fuel capacity

    2017-08-20 15:02:48
    Special note: This article comes from: China Environmental newspaper Author: class health, just understand the industry trends from an academic point of view, no intention to copy. If there is any objection, please let us know by letter (81887515@qq.com). We will delete it in the first time. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused!
    "6 - 5" world environment day, the reporter was invited to an experience, a day drove two times around the Beijing six ring run 195 kilometers, is different, the afternoon before departure, adding the atomic self assembled nano ball solid lubricant was developed jointly by the Shandong Gaoqing County Science and Technology Co Ltd with the Beihang University "to the car". The reporter driving Dongfeng Citroen Saina 2 at constant speed, the state, the morning of the 195 km fuel consumption of 10.8 liters; afternoon data for 9.17 liters, saving 15%.
    The average level of saving 15% also participate in the testing of 20 vehicles, according to the scene to participate in the test vehicle test, the Shandong province county notary public, driving the entire 195 km, the average fuel saving rate was 15.5%, the average reduction rate was 48.84%.
    The core technology of atomic nanosphere solid lubricant is the "amorphous" technology developed by Professor Zhang Tao, Dean of materials science and Engineering Institute of Beihang University and academician of Chinese Academy of sciences. The study, known by American scientists, is another material revolution following iron and steel and crystals. The solid lubricant of atomic nanosphere is the first industrialized application of "amorphous" technology.
    Shandong Gaoqing County Science and technology limited company founded by veterans of the palace Zhili. He said: "I worked with the car every day while I was in the army, and a great deal of fuel consumption gave me the desire to develop fuel-efficient products.". After discharge, I set up the Shandong people Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to energy-saving technology development."
    In June 7, 2009, the atomic self assembled nano ball solid lubricant successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group: this technology additives selected for aluminum alloy components of twenty surface atom cluster structure, with high hardness, low modulus and low surface energy characteristics, as lubricating oil additive can improve the lubrication effect; precise control of particle size additives, can be adsorbed on the surface of friction in side filling to form a new surface, has self repairing function.
    According to the Metallurgical Industry Information Standards Research Institute Wang Junhai introduction, friction caused by mechanical wear and tear and oil consumption is very large, the industrial sector of energy, about 1/3 in various forms consumed in friction. For most mechanical equipment, the main way to reduce friction and wear is to add lubricating oil. But with the development of nuclear industry and aerospace technology, especially the high (low) temperature, ultra high speed, ultra high pressure, radiation, high vacuum and special design of gas environment, using solid lubrication become represent the general trend.
    What are the advantages of solid lubrication? Rong Huikang, former deputy director of China Automotive Industry Association expert guidance committee said, this lubricant can be directly mixed with lubricating oil, the mechanical operation of high temperature and high pressure and friction force, forming a layer of special ultra low surface active protective film on the surface of lubrication, improve the lubrication performance of 5~6 times. At the same time, it can also reduce engine noise and enhance engine power performance.
    The first steam Union car rental company manager Ai Hongming said that with this product contact is accidental, but two months after using, saving more than 20%, the fuel saving effect is indeed very obvious.
    This product for car owners is a good news, the reporter understands, Gaoqing County will continue to use thousands of bus maintenance time, all equipped with the production of solid lubricant.
    Reporters and some taxi drivers to exchange, they heard that can save 15% of the products, straight to say, good, quickly forget the account, said a month at least 500 yuan fuel saving, a very impressive year.
    Statistics show that after the vehicle has added the solid lubricant, according to a year traveling 25 thousand kilometers, 100 kilometers fuel consumption 8 liters, saving 10%, a year can save 180~200 liters of fuel; according to the 2009 Chinese vehicle fleet 180 million calculation, a year can save 32 billion 400 million liters of fuel.
    (China Environment News reporter Ban Jian)
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