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    Scientists have developed new polymer materials for solar cells

    2017-08-20 15:15:04
    Special note: This article from the Ministry of science and technology website http://www.most.gov.cn/gnwkjdt/201708/t20170816_134477.htm, only from an academic point of view of the industry trends, no intention to copy. If there is any objection, please let us know by letter (81887515@qq.com). We will delete it in the first time. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused!
    To date, more than 80% of the world's energy has been produced by burning oil, natural gas and coal. First of all, this will lead to serious environmental pollution; secondly, in less than two hundred years, mankind has consumed more than half of the recoverable reserves of the world's oil resources, which have been formed for millions of years. At present, scientists around the world are focusing on how to improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion, but few people pay attention to the stability of solar panel substrate.
    In the Russian science foundation, with scientists to study chemical Institute of the Russian Academy of physical problems led international team to develop organic semiconductor materials (conjugated polymer and fullerene derivatives) thin film solar cell is highly efficient and stable matrix, this is the best performance of a new photosensitive material photochemical and high thermal stability and can effectively apply in the organic solar cell. Organic solar cell photoelectric conversion cost of fossil fuels due to lower prices, which is expected to completely change the global energy industry. The results are published in the Journal Journal of Materials Chemistry.
    The sun is a promising, environmentally friendly, cheap source of energy. It is estimated that the total annual human energy demand is about 20 TWH per year, while the solar radiation energy into the earth about 105 terawatts. Therefore, the sun can be regarded as an inexhaustible source of energy in modern society. Solar cells based on organic semiconductor materials have the characteristics of light weight, low cost and flexibility, and have attracted much attention of researchers and innovative enterprises.
    Russian scientists mainly include:
    Is a group of new conjugated polymer created for organic solar cells, and found that the irregular copolymer in the main chain using disordered monomer unit, and the photoelectric properties is better than to link strict order alternating conventional polymer structure arrangement. The efficiency of an organic solar cell based on conjugated polymer is greater than 7%, which is one of the best results of the similar devices with an area of more than 1 square centimeter.
    Two is to develop a new type of electron acceptor material for organic solar cells and fullerene derivatives. This new material can ensure the stable operation of organic solar cells at high temperature of 140 degrees centigrade. This is an important step to realize the long-term stable operation of organic solar cell equipment and get practical application.
    Russian scientists in the Negev desert in Israel of the organic solar cell, several types of field trials were carried out, on the most important factor affecting the operating stability of solar cells. It is found that the electron paramagnetic resonance can easily be used to screen the light stability of the material and find the most promising structure.
    The work was done in collaboration with the German Fraunhof Solar Energy Research Institute, the Bavaria energy industry applied research center and scientists at the University of Israel - Gurion.
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