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    2017-08-22 20:55:35


    Tungsten disulfide lubricant spray consists of tungsten disulfide power, highly viscous sol, dispersants, emulsifiers and propellants that are processed under high pressure and aerosol to form the final lubricant spray. The product has excellent ability in film-forming property, layer adhesion, lubrication and resistance in wear, extreme pressure and high temperature.


    產品特點 Key Feature


    1. The product has the advantage in quick self-drying, lubricating, pressure and wear resistant and high adhesion.


    2. Temperature range: optimum working temperature ranges between -100 to 400 with intermittent temperature at 450 .


    3. Corrosion resistance: For most of the chemicals and solvents, the product shows its inertia and resistance to acid, alkali, water and various organic solvents.


    4. High lubrication: fluid absorbed at the can surface forms a protective layer that is closed attached to the film. Friction coefficient is small in such condition, resulting in good protection and lubrication.


    5. The product is cost effective and easy to transport/use with mature technology and stable quality.


    使用方法 Instruction


    1. Before the usage, shake the spray cans vigorously for about 80 seconds to achieve uniform fluid inside the can which facilitate the further spraying.


    2. Please clean the lubricant area to prevent dust, oil stains.


    3. Keep the spout 30cm away from the workpiece. Do not fix the spout in one position and should move back and forth. 30 minutes are needed to dry the surface.


    If not using for a long time, the spray can must be reversed and ejected for a few sprays. Cleaning nozzles should be conducted to prevent clogging.


    5. Users should carefully read the product manual and use under guidance of the professionals.


    注意事項 Precautions


    1. The product does not contain Freon. It is strictly prohibited to fireworks. Please ensure there is adequate indoor ventilation.


    2. Please store under 40︒C (Celsius degree) and in upright position. Do not throw empty cans into the fire.


    3. Please prevent the direct contact between the liquid and eyes. If accidently splashed into eyes, rinse with flowing fresh water or saline immediately. 


    If the liquid accidently enters into mouth, please immediately approach to hospital for medical treatment.


    5. Please do not store within the reach of children to prevent accidents. 

    6. 嚴禁在陽光下曝曬或存放在車里暴曬。

    It is restricted to store under direct sunlight or in vehicles under direct sunlight. 


    It is restricted to ban or throw product cans. Transport should be handled with great care.


    包裝貯存  Packing and Storage

    1. Packing: 500 ml/can, 12 cans/suite, 24 cans/suite

    2.Storage: please stored in a cool and dry ventilated place.

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